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General Discussion / Re: Modded gpx settings
« on: September 24, 2016, 09:04:07 pm »
Gees thats got me thinking.... alloy cans been picked up at 1.5 m, you'd think a big flat piece of gold of similar size would also be detected at that depth. Like that monster bit found recently by that very lucky chap!
 What about the detech dd 15" ultimate spiral anyone got one on their fully modded gpx? One would think with a very quite machine maybe even sharp might be an option with the new 15 dd.
Anyways i'm gunna buy one because they seem to be very good coil even when compared to the new evo/elite mono colis, also to see if it handles real hot days better than 14 elite which hates hot weather to say the least.

General Discussion / Re: Modded gpx settings
« on: September 22, 2016, 09:19:56 pm »
Gday Shep, be good to hear how you go with your 45 and settings etc... my 45 hasn't been modded just yet. Unfortunately i haven't been back out,  I've had to put a few things on hold for a while caring for a family member. Really looking forward to getting back out for a swing tho, don't think i can handle these withdrawals much longer getting the shakes and shit.
Hey just a quick question for ya about these new coils.
There was one thing i noticed up here in FNQ on really hot days my 14 elite really plays up big time. In the middle of the day i cant use it at all, and need to switch back to my older 14 mono than no problems at all! Just curious to hear if you've encountered any issues with heat swamping your evo coils at all?
Cheers Joe,
And good luck on your next trip.

General Discussion / Re: GPZ7000 Video.
« on: August 17, 2016, 08:04:07 pm »
Yep thats an awesome weapon for sure! be interesting to see how far it can be cranked up, and remain stable using a good dd!  maybe the new detech 15"

That's impressive, i own and tested both the coiltek 17x11 & 18" mono elite coils. Both my coils set to max sensitivity would not go anywhere near that depth unfortunately. I run a stock standard gpx 4500, the 18" mono elite went 38" on a large lump of alloy test piece. So hitting that depth with a smaller coil is brilliant!

I'd like to see a couple of detectors go head to head on that test site, three actually... standard gpx, modded gpx and the Zed

General Discussion / Re: The GPZ7000. A touchy subject.
« on: April 18, 2016, 11:00:56 pm »
Just read my first post, I meant to say the Zed couldn't match th 45 in any timing used on the day. Just wanted to clear that up!

General Discussion / Re: The GPZ7000. A touchy subject.
« on: April 18, 2016, 07:39:35 pm »
I think he got a bit of sick feeling in the stomach over it, I would too after spending nearly 11k !
After seeing that.

Can't wait to see what 45 will do with the full upgrade Swinging the elite.

General Discussion / Re: The GPZ7000. A touchy subject.
« on: April 18, 2016, 07:08:26 pm »
Hi woody

 I went out to a creek yesterday to test my new coiltek 17x11 elite, on my stock 4500.
Basically get a feel for it and test timings and depth capabilities.
My prospecting partner thought he'd tag along with his Zed for comparison.

We tested all timings on both machines on a .3, 1gram, 17gram nuggets, than a block of alloy 4x2x2 cm
And a alloy block 8x3x2 cm. we buried the targets into the side of a creek bed, at depths the Zed had just a repeatable response. To our surprise the 45 with the elite could hear all targets with ease sometimes a couple of inches off the ground, except for the big piece of alloy down about 2ft they were about the same Both using deep timings.

I don't have any experience with the Zed, and my mate has only owned his for a short time.
He's still trying to get a handle on it. So maybe some fine tuning needed to be done with the Zed to gain better depth, tho straight out of the box in any timing it could match the 45 with 17x11 elite! Ground tested in had moderate mineralisation.

General Discussion / Re: Modded gpx settings
« on: April 16, 2016, 01:53:32 pm »
Hi ronjeanosborne

Good on ya for getting involved on this thread, will be keen to know how you go!
I will be heading out my self early May to a rich little patch I found with real deep ground, where I've picked up multi ounce bits. I'll be swinging a brand new 4500 using the new 18" mono elite. I'll be making a video of my finds and what settings used. When I get back I'll be sending my 45 down to Woody for full upgrades than I'm back out to my patch to work over it again with the new mods. Also be making a video after upgrades once I understand how the get the best out of the newly modded 45.

Feel free anyone to give advice on these new mods


General Discussion / Re: Modded gpx settings
« on: April 07, 2016, 07:56:52 am »

Has anyone found good settings over deep hot ground with
Their new mods? Ie: factory gain @ 1 stabiliser @ 1 with variable gain set high.
Anyone done this but with variable frequency set in the low numbers chasing bigger
Bits! Or Maybe an increase with stabiliser... If ground conditions permitting.

General Discussion / Re: Modded gpx settings
« on: April 06, 2016, 09:38:14 pm »
Hi Bigfoot thanks, that's interesting that you were using the 11" elite and cleaning up after the Zed that's cool. I was just contemplating today which of the smaller coils to pick up, the 12 evo or 11 elite. I had the 14 elite on my standard 5k before I had to sell it, and it was great coil using fine gold.

 Ive got a small patch I've found with deep ground. Some of the bigger bits i've been picking up are 1 and 2 ounce bits and almost out out reach on the elite using in fine gold. So I thought I'd try normal timings on the elite get those deeper ones. But it was almost impossible to use, very noisy. Choking the 5k didn't do it any justice either,  It's just something I've noticed with these new coils using normal timings where I detect.

Thanks for sharing your settings Bigfoot, sounds good.

Cheers, Joeboy

General Discussion / Modded gpx settings
« on: April 05, 2016, 10:35:17 pm »
Gday prospectors,

What settings have you found on your modded 45 or 5k are working best for you,
In your situation. I read woody's article on a Nth Qld prospector with his modded gpx5000 running in fine gold, with factory gain set at 1, stabiliser at 1 and variable front end gain set to max. From what I read the increase in depth was stellar.

 I'm about to get my 45 modded and i would appreciate any input you would like to share with us.

Cheers, Joeboy.

False information / Re: Other Forums
« on: April 03, 2016, 10:12:07 am »
Lol back in the day I had a 2 door Torana with a 'FULLY MODDED' 186 motor, and it use to smoke a lot of v8's.
Mods/alterations/upgrades... its relative to ALL industries, but because it's got to do with GOLD suddenly no one but the manufacturer has a clue about these detectors, and no one could possibly know how to make any improvements to provide better performance! lol wot a load of FBS!
FULLY MODDED GPX that can out detect the latest & greatest on depth, put that on video and see what they all
Have to say!


General Discussion / Re: Google earth gold maps
« on: March 27, 2016, 11:05:39 pm »
Hi debongos,

Good to hear mate, thats a good point you made with doing most of your research before you go, you hit the nail square on the head with that one! Basically fly over the area you want to go prospect. No second guessing where you are, and plot the best way in. I can't recommend this method enough to anyone who's planning a trip somewhere they haven't been before. Especially if your looking at those old workings in remote area's. I know from experience how easy it is to loose your way with tracks going every direction, even using GPS & Topo's.
Just put your Google earth image with all your marks on a memory stick, and get your local photo shop to print it out for you, just too easy and cheap too.


the 14" elite on my standard 5k was nearly impossible to use where I hunt in normal timings. Had to turn everything down to be able to do any detecting compared to older tech mono's. Made me angry cause I like running in normal timings, so having to drop everything down so low I think is counter productive or maybe just operator error on my part not getting the coil running sweet. Anyone else encounter this problem?

 tho in fine gold it was like chalk and cheese. A lot smoother but the biggest surprise was sensitive extra, alot easier to detect with over normal timings. I'll be keen as once I get the full upgrades sorted! variable frequency mod sounds awesome. I'd also like to put a DD through its paces, maybe the new 15" detech spiral running in sharp with the new upgrades!! Anyone done this?
 exciting times ahead for sure.

General Discussion / Google earth gold maps
« on: March 26, 2016, 09:38:01 am »
Gday all, I thought I'd ask the question about custom gold maps you have done or working on. Sorry if this has already been covered before, I'm New here.
I make my own custom maps using info off our local mines department ie: Derm online maps, topo & geo maps, google earth imagery, And the gold bible.  Having less and less area's to go prospecting up here in Nth Qld, and those place you can detect that have been worked over really well. This has forced me to get creative in the search for new areas and old less known area's that have seen very little attention of the modern day detectors. I can say with out a doubt this has helped my gold tally increase 10 fold. Recently I mapped an old area, using google earth image as my back drop and overlaying data ie: old claims/ leases, trend lines, fault lines, epm's, etc... I found using Google image gives me a lot more information than I would normally would have. Such as tracks that do not appear on standard maps.  rocky outcrop formations, very detailed creeks and gullies, quarts loads etc... It's really cool putting theses maps together if you got time. My last spot I mapped and took a trip too landed me with multible ounces on the first day, it was like the place had never seen the likes of any detector ever! Blew me away
If anyone else is doing something similar and would like to share your info or ideas, please chime in. Or if you any questions feel free to ask. I'm no expert with this,  just having a crack and paying dividends.
Good luck, Joeboy.

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