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General Discussion / new generation coils on gp series detectors
« on: June 21, 2017, 07:01:28 pm »
G'day all, i just bought a fully modified Gp3000 with variable frequency mod etc... I was wondering if some of you guys are running any of the new evo or elite coils on your 'modded' Gp series machines. If so how do they handle for you, and which coil do you like the best. From what i read by those using standard Gp's with the flat wound coils, the smaller coils seem to be more suited than the larger ones. The modded Gp's with both variable gain and frequency mods, in theory should be able to be tune in any size flat wound coil. Running a 19"evo on a modded gp3000 at low frequency sounds like the ducks nuts to me, What do you guys think.


General Discussion / DIY coils
« on: November 28, 2016, 06:33:09 pm »
Gday all, i am planning on building my own coil. As its been stated before by people in the know, the quality of build can be improved on over current version available, as something thats hand made can be done with more precision and care. I have no experience with such things i am drawing my idea's and technical info required for such a task from what is already shared through different prospecting forums by many.
I recently tested the 15" detech on my gp3500 and was surprised at its sensitivity and punch it has on both small and large targets in what i call hot variable ground. I like to make an attempt to replicate
This coil in a 11" and maybe a 18" version for my "own personal use" using my old coiltek dd's i have laying around for the builds. Who's had a crack at making their own coils and how'd they turn out for you.
Regards joeboy.

General Discussion / Sd2200 mods instructions
« on: October 19, 2016, 10:41:46 am »
Hi everybody, for those that still have a modded sd2200 could you chime in and give me a run down on how to use the mods ie: (m.s.d) & (m1.s.m2) and is there a special start up procedure involved, like turning the machine on in a certain setting! Any info is much appreciated.

General Discussion / Modded gpx settings
« on: April 05, 2016, 10:35:17 pm »
Gday prospectors,

What settings have you found on your modded 45 or 5k are working best for you,
In your situation. I read woody's article on a Nth Qld prospector with his modded gpx5000 running in fine gold, with factory gain set at 1, stabiliser at 1 and variable front end gain set to max. From what I read the increase in depth was stellar.

 I'm about to get my 45 modded and i would appreciate any input you would like to share with us.

Cheers, Joeboy.

General Discussion / Google earth gold maps
« on: March 26, 2016, 09:38:01 am »
Gday all, I thought I'd ask the question about custom gold maps you have done or working on. Sorry if this has already been covered before, I'm New here.
I make my own custom maps using info off our local mines department ie: Derm online maps, topo & geo maps, google earth imagery, And the gold bible.  Having less and less area's to go prospecting up here in Nth Qld, and those place you can detect that have been worked over really well. This has forced me to get creative in the search for new areas and old less known area's that have seen very little attention of the modern day detectors. I can say with out a doubt this has helped my gold tally increase 10 fold. Recently I mapped an old area, using google earth image as my back drop and overlaying data ie: old claims/ leases, trend lines, fault lines, epm's, etc... I found using Google image gives me a lot more information than I would normally would have. Such as tracks that do not appear on standard maps.  rocky outcrop formations, very detailed creeks and gullies, quarts loads etc... It's really cool putting theses maps together if you got time. My last spot I mapped and took a trip too landed me with multible ounces on the first day, it was like the place had never seen the likes of any detector ever! Blew me away
If anyone else is doing something similar and would like to share your info or ideas, please chime in. Or if you any questions feel free to ask. I'm no expert with this,  just having a crack and paying dividends.
Good luck, Joeboy.

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