Big Ballarat gold nugget found with a modified GPX 4500

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Minelab detector modifications

We provide modifications to all Minelab SD, GP, GPX and F1A4 pulse-induction metal detectors. Proven by professional prospectors to be the most technically advanced modifications available, we guarantee to make your detector detect deeper targets while improving sensitivity and quietness on even the most mineralised ground. All detector upgrades are covered by a five-year warranty.

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GPX Series

  • GPX 4000
  • GPX 4500
  • GPX 4800
  • GPX 5000

New mods are now available. The three-position timing switch has been replaced with a fully variable pulse-frequency control that is controlled from the back LCD menu. The variable gain is now a 10-turn potentiometer that allows very accurate settings. Tests have shown that these new upgrades beat the SDC detectors on small gold at depth and will easily compete with the new GPZ-series detector on both small and large gold. 

GP Series

  • GP extreme
  • GP 3000
  • GP 3500

We add three timing positions allowing the detector to be optimised for various sized targets and a range of coils. A boost switch is added which allows for extra depth when using the detector in sensitive mode. Our new variable front-end gain allows you to tune your machine for the best performance for all conditions.

SD 2000

This low frequency super deep modification allows you to use large coils for the most depth possible with the ability to switch back to normal operation, gain control to tune your detectors signal amplification to best suit your situation. The SD 2000 can also be modified for small gold upon.

SD 2100 Series

  • SD 2100
  • SD 2100e
  • SD2100v2

We add three timing positions allowing these detectors to be optimised for various sized targets and a range of coils. Added audio frequency boosting gives a sharper response for the detection of gold. A switch is added to allow 3 or 4 pulses which can improve the detectors ability to deal with variable ground.

SD 2200 Series

  • SD 2200d
  • SD2200v2

We add three timing positions to allow the detector to be optimised for various sized gold and a range of coils. A switch gives you three ground mineral timings to best suit the ground you are detecting on and our new Variable Front End Gain allowing you to tune your machine to have the best performance possible regardless of conditions.

Shipping your detector

To ensure your detector's safety, we've written a general guideline for packaging and shipping your control box. We personally follow these guidelines while repackaging your detector.


We only need your control box to perform the upgrades, however, you need to assure it will be safe while in the post. Be sure to use a lot of packaging material around the plastic endcaps as these are most prone to being cracked and broken in the post. We find using scrunched newspaper sheets around the detector to work best.

Make sure you've completed an order form. If you're unable to print, state clearly on paper you contact details, services you would like performed to your detector and any other information necessary.

We suggest packing your control box in either an appropriate-sized cardboard box or a 3kg satchel available from your local post office. Ensure you have securely attached the shipping label to the exterior of your parcel that was printed with your order form.

Print a shipping form

If you can't print a shipping form, write your contact details on paper and ship them with your detector. Our shipping address is available on our contact page.

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