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General Discussion / Re: WELCOME!
« on: March 25, 2016, 09:42:49 pm »
Big Gday to everybody Joeboy here, brand new to the forum. little bit of back ground on me, I'm a cairns local born and bred. Been around prospectors as far back as I can remember, from my big bros to me great uncles. The detectors I've had overs the years is the 21, modded 22, modded 35, 4K and the 5k. First nugget I ever found was with the modded 22, and it what a was a breeze to use, ran so much smoother than my brothers 22 which we did extensive testing against. Long story short this is what got me hooked on the impressive improvements made by woodys mods. I'm really keen to here other members success stories using their Modded machines, especially those with gpx4500 and 5k's. looking to get my next detector fully upgraded before the next dry season Starts in Nth Qld,  but I'm not sure which one to the get modded! The 45 or the 5k, Is one better than the other with the full upgrades Done? Anyways guys good to be here, look forward to chewing the fat with you all and getting to know everyone, cheers from Joeboy.

Big g'day to everyone here, Joeboy here a newbie to this forum and looking forward to chewing the fat with ya all.
Bit of a background look, I live In Cairns Nth Qld born and bred. Been around prospecting as far back as I can remember. From me big bros to my great uncles, always been something special about getting out chasing the elusive yellow metal. I have a real keen interest in the new mods woody has developed, and it's looking very good for those us that don't want to spend bulk coin on a new Zed. I personally won't ever be buying a Zed due to its weight, having had shoulder surgery that wasn't very successful. I've owned two modded detectors a 2200 and a 3500 My first nugget found detecting was with a sd2200d fully modded by woody. At the time we had three 2200's my two bros and my self. So I know how much of a difference there was, from standard to modded. It was the stable threshold and overall quietness that  seperated these machines. This was some time ago and a lot has changed since then. Look forward to hearing the success story's from everyone here getting the best out of their newly modded machines, cheers.

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