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DIY coils
« on: November 28, 2016, 06:33:09 pm »
Gday all, i am planning on building my own coil. As its been stated before by people in the know, the quality of build can be improved on over current version available, as something thats hand made can be done with more precision and care. I have no experience with such things i am drawing my idea's and technical info required for such a task from what is already shared through different prospecting forums by many.
I recently tested the 15" detech on my gp3500 and was surprised at its sensitivity and punch it has on both small and large targets in what i call hot variable ground. I like to make an attempt to replicate
This coil in a 11" and maybe a 18" version for my "own personal use" using my old coiltek dd's i have laying around for the builds. Who's had a crack at making their own coils and how'd they turn out for you.
Regards joeboy.


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Re: DIY coils
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2016, 07:43:05 pm »
Nearly all of the coils on the market are not designed with knowing even the basics of electromagnetic theory,  the biggest mistake is minimal insulation and hard winding the turns that cause interactions between positive and negative domains on adjacennt windings. this causes a reduction in rise and fall time and also a reduction of the wanted signals from the coil. I would say that most coil makers should be in the solenoid business rather than a critical time domain business. Even the shielding is a partial shorted turn by nature of its inherant encapsulating resistive nature.  Want to make a coil or transformer overheat and fail?  Put in a dissipative shorted turn. Sometimes I write this stuff and think it it will fall on deaf ears.  The correct way to make a P.I coil has never shown up in any commercially manufactured coil to date.