LT Booster Series 3 (ASC)

These are the new third generation of Hi-Fi quality audio boosters. Featuring our new active signal control technology to aid in enhanced target signal reproduction. Powered by 2 × AA batteries (not included), these powerful 3-watt audio boosters have been designed to drive your speakers louder than ever before.

These boosters will work with any Minelab, Garrett or any other detector setup with a ¼" headphone socket.

Although these boosters have been designed to drive a speaker, they also work well with headphones when set to a lower volume.

Built using the highest quality components, the audio booster attaches elegantly to the side of your detector using the included velcro.

Featuring Our New Active Signal Control Technology

The active signal control (ASC) provides greater command of target signals and ground noise.

By keeping the control full anti-clockwise, you have standard audio from your metal detector.

As you turn the ASC clockwise, you increase the suppression of slow warbly ground noises and increase the amplitude your typical target signal. This is helpful when working ground that has mineralisation that is pushing the limits of the detector.

If the ground is perfectly quiet, turning the control clockwise will help by making faint signals far more prominent, and prominent signals utterly unmissable.

For the ultimate harness-free Minelab setup, pair this booster with our portable clip-on speaker and lightweight battery system. (battery system available for SD/GP/GPX series detectors)