Double lightweight battery kit

2 × Standard batteries
2 × High capacity batteries
1 × Standard battery, 1 × High capacity battery

Our fourth* generation of lightweight batteries designed for Minelab SD, GP and GPX series detectors are made using the latest battery technology, allowing you to prospect for longer than ever before.

Included with this kit is a single battery and a universal charger for car and AC mains.

  • Latest third revision of our battery systems
  • Available in standard size and high capacity size
  • Super-lightweight design
  • High quality cells
  • Prospect all day long with superior charge capacity
  • Harness-free detector setup
  • Universal car and AC mains charger
  • Studio quality audio jack 

*Standard batteries now come with a low profile audio connector.

*High capacity batteries come with additional ports, which allow you to charge the battery with existing USB-C chargers, or charge your other gear from the battery with USB-A.

SizeWeightCapacityOperation time
Standard350g6600mAh~7 hours
High capacity450g13400mAh~13 hours

Conveniently mounted to the side of the control box using the supplied Velcro, this battery setup allows your detector to be used as a standalone system, removing the need for a heavy inconvenient harness setup.

For use with the original harness setup, a female connector is available upon request.

*6 month warranty on all batteries.