The most effective EMI filter

We have developed a completely new add on filter that stops most EMI (electrical interference) that makes the metal detector unstable and lose performance. Any type of electrical interference can create a huge amount of loss of depth and sensitivity.

In some cases, interference can completely saturate the input stage of the detector despite the detector seeming to operate fine, there can be a loss of depth up to 70%. There are many sources of interference that will have an adverse effect on a metal detector, things like mobile phone cell towers, TV and radio transmitters, over the horizon radar systems, taxi two-way radio, high frequency noise from car and motorcycle alternators, arcing of power lines that cause high frequency interference.

The filter is supplied with a Velcro stick pad and this allows mounting the filter to the side of the detector, the coil cable is plugged into the filter and the supplied jumper cable is then connected to the detector. There is no loss of depth and in just about all cases the detector will be far more stable and sensitive, and will go deeper on all gold.

The filter works on a proven method that we developed that uses a tapered frequency response network of components that create a very high impedance to radio frequencies away from the operational working frequencies of the metal detector, the second stage of the filter absorbs other frequencies that are near the operational frequencies of the detector.

The filter was field tested with all Minelab pulse induction metal detectors and is 100% fully compatible with all models. The filter is designed to work with mono coils, a double D filter is available on request but it is more expensive. The feedback on these filters is fantastic with many prospectors getting more and deeper gold from areas that are subject to interference. All our products use the best gold plated connectors, custom filter components and have a 5 year warranty.

There will be an upcoming article in the Australian Gold Gem and Treasure magazine from a customer who won some very good gold from an area troubled by multiple sources on interference.