About the 2017 upgrades

The upgrades start at $250 and go up to $2200, all upgrades carry a 5 year warranty.

If there is any problem with your Minelab in the future we can repair it, we work on Minelab detectors all day long. Over 35 years experience in electronic engineering, and over 18 years repairing and upgrading Minelab detectors.

We can upgrade the following detectors

  • SD 2000
  • SD 2100
  • SD 2200
  • GP extreme
  • GP 3000
  • GP 3500
  • GPX 4000
  • GPX 4500
  • GPX 4800
  • GPX 5000

We have done some work on the SDC 2300 and the GPZ 7000 but have found the design platform is too difficult and too time consuming to work with, when we upgrade the GP and GPX series detectors we have found superior depth and small gold performance compared to the SDC and GPZ.

As an example, an upgraded and fully modified GPX 4500 will detect deeper than the GPZ 7000 and will also detect smaller gold deeper than a SDC 2300. 

We have carried out testing and found that we can beat these newer detectors in most types of ground. The SDC 2300 will detect the most tiny gold, I refer to this as time wasting gold, spending 10 minutes looking for a fly speck of gold is not prospecting, you are far better off getting half gram or larger bits. Trying to sift out fly specks robs you of productive swinging time and will reduce your chances of shining the coil over a larger piece of gold.

All detectors can have increased performance by replacing the input field-effect transistors with new lower loss types that have recently become available.

The SD 2100 to the GPX 5000 can have variable frequency added, this makes a very big difference in regards to the size of the gold, the depth and type of coil that you are using.

All detectors can have a variable gain board added that greatly increases the sensitivity and also allows for correct ground mineral reduction so that gold targets can be distinguished in noise ground or in noisy electrical environments. The minelab gain on the GPX does not work the same way as our gain, matching the input stage to the ground is critical to hearing the targets that standard detectors miss.

The upgrades that we carry out allow for optimisation of coil size, ground type and depth.

Our modifications and upgrades allow the operator to be able to control the detector to best suit the multitude of variables so that more gold is won in the field.

The full upgrades on an SD detector is $1500, on a GP is $1800 and GPX is $2200 and all come with a 5 year warranty that is fully transferable. Newest upgrades include the deep gold low frequency mode that makes a huge difference to being able to find big deep gold in the most noisy ground.

We can also do smaller upgrades starting at $650 but we find that most prospectors want the best and go for the full upgrades.

When these upgrades are carried out it is like using a newer, more modern detector. In just about every case our customers have gone over old ground and pulled out more gold after the upgrades.

Yes, I have also pulled out more gold from areas that have been detected over by lesser technology.