Our new low noise input stage

After many months designing the the new board for adding into the Minelab GP and GPX series detectors we are just about finished.

The new board is professionally manufactured with the lowest noise and most stable components available, where it is possible we use military specification components to keep the performance at maximum, we even have gone to great 
lengths to use 0.01% metal film resistors and use special capacitors to reduce any noise getting into the circuitry. 

Our testing has indicated noise at -184 dBm and this in itself is a major achievement, all important 0.1 to 10 Hz is less than 1.5 nV/√Hz.

Lower input noise means that target signals are not hidden in the detectors noise floor, we are now opening up the gold fields in a big way, our previous upgrades opened up the gold fields, this latest edition will really pull that deeper hard to hear gold.