Three weeks detecting with the latest upgrades.

Here is a collection of Nuggets found over three weeks in Western Australia by one of our customers using a GPX 5000 with the full upgrades. This detector had the variable input gain and the new variable frequency controls added. Side by side testing shows that the modified detector can be used in all ground types and with any type of coil, be it mono or double D.

Sensitivity is better than an SDC 2300 using a similar sized coil and the detector operator, who is a well know professional, said he was astounded by how quiet the detector operated over known noisy ground. With the variable front end gain and variable frequency set to optimise coil to target size the modified GPX is on par with and can detect deeper than a GPZ 7000. The best thing about staying with the GP or GPX detecting system is that a range of "well priced" coils are readily available. All our upgrades carry a 5 year transferable warranty.

We get a few people trying to scare people in regards to using an upgraded or modified detector, sure there are some cowboys in the industry who do not know what they are doing but rest assured, I have been involved in electronic engineering for over 35 years, I have designed microwave communication systems, satellite low noise receivers, uplink power amplifiers, low noise audio systems, communication antenna systems and all the circuitry for the upgrades. If you have found gold using a standard detector I can just about guarantee that your gold finds will greatly increase using our modifications on your detector.