Author Topic: Getting every last scrap of Gold.  (Read 17819 times)


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Getting every last scrap of Gold.
« on: June 13, 2022, 09:53:26 am »
Is it possible to get every gold nugget that lay underneath one sweep from a metal detector coil?
The answer is definitely no. A large coil will do well in detecting large deep gold but it will be really struggling to pick up the small gold at moderate depth, same is for trying to detect large gold nuggets with a small coil. On top of the coil issue there are detector issues with transmit pulse length, repetition rates, sharpness of the ground balance circuitry, time delay on receive turn on, ground noise and decay rates. Then there are other factors on the technical design of coils and detector electronics. The single biggest issue is to be able to retain all target input signal without it being obscured by noise and thus lost. There are methods that the current detectors do not have in their designs, it is difficult to discuss all the ways to do this on a public forum as publishing yet to be patented discoveries is commercially unviable if one i trying to run a business in making detectors better.    This is our newest upgrade for SD GP GPX detectors, wait for the test video‚Äôs.
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