Author Topic: EMI that noise that hides gold targets.  (Read 16913 times)


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EMI that noise that hides gold targets.
« on: December 22, 2021, 11:20:11 am »
There is nothing worse than trying to use an unstable metal detector that is making noise due to EMI, I have discovered that a rectification issue is embedded in nearly all pulse induction detectors that use semiconductors in the back emf blocking path, but there is a problem. As all these discoveries are hard won battles I am not going into technical discussion in order to hand over valuable discoveries and information to other parties for free. They say that others that copy your work is a form of flattery but it’s not, I have seen and heard that others tell customers that I copied their work and one in particular was telling people that he taught me everything that I know. This guy is a wanker, he was calling me up trying to milk me for information on detectors, he would say that it was only for his personal detector….lol anyway this is why I do not tell anyone my telephone it invites another form of EMI. That being said, we currently have an ex Minelab detector tester using our newest mods and his words are, “ this is the best detector that I have ever used” but he did say that EMI was still a big issue, so over the last four months I set out to try many different methods to remove EMI and retain greater sensitivity and depth while improving the ground balance accuracy. Well, I succeeded on all fronts, these improvements are for the GPX 4500 and 5000 but will also work on other pulse induction detectors. It is about time that I go out over the old detected gold fields and find gold that other detectors will never be able to find.
This is going to be like 1980 all over again. I’m excited.