Author Topic: Current project on redesign of input stages.  (Read 17570 times)


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Current project on redesign of input stages.
« on: March 26, 2016, 08:44:59 pm »
I want to keep a lot of information from prying eyes, there are those that love to twist any positive into a negative if it has any effect on their own detector sales.
Anyway, our newest design is redesigned upwards start to finish, we have removed the ML input amplifiers and taken the 80 mv pp noise down to sub 20, we have reduced the signal to noise ratio from 1nv/hz to 0.56nv/hz
This is a huge difference, we have also matched the coil input to the input impedance of the coil (dynamic impedance) not resistive and this has allowed better amplification of the smallest signals. We have also converted the signal to 2 x differential feeds to greatly reduce unwanted noise. What does this mean?  The newest upgrades will leave everything else miles behind, this is the pinnacle of todays low noise technology. The next steps are in DSP but that will be many months off in the distant future.