Author Topic: First run since repair, KUDO's to Woody!  (Read 21407 times)

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First run since repair, KUDO's to Woody!
« on: October 16, 2019, 12:30:14 pm »
Last year, I had issues, just not finding any gold. Throw a test nugget down, no problem, but did my test- bury a 1/2 gram lead nugget at 14-16", it wouldn't hear it. At end of my season, I sent it to Woody to check out. He found 2 issues on the Minelab side. Hey! I bought this like 2 years after it came out, no fault on Minelab. He fixed it and more! I thought I had the latest mod done; his paperwork said I wanted a mod so he did more. When billing came around, we reached a favorable compromise to each.
 Went to Rye Patch NV last week with some friends. First thing I did was bury my 1/2 gram lead nugget at 14". Adjusted front gain as per instructions, then set setting like I had before; had to tweek it abit, but can hear it.
Out in the field, we hit some well hit old patches. Got 1 little one with the 4500.
 What impressed me most, I run the EVO 12", that damn 4500 ran so smooth scrappy the ground and bushes as one does when hunting 'hunted out areas'. Others complained of EMI, static electricity, not me!
 If someone were to ask me, what's the best detector out there?  I would suggest the 4500 and Woody's mod! Best bang for the buck!
Thank You Sir