Author Topic: Fully Modded and Equipped SD2200D FOR SALE  (Read 26635 times)


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Fully Modded and Equipped SD2200D FOR SALE
« on: February 27, 2017, 04:20:13 pm »
I have for sale my SD2200D Minelab gold detector. I bought it 4 or so years ago and since then it has seen very little action as I am more a hibanker gold hunter than a detectorist. The detector is fully functional and has just had one last service by Detector Mods in the lead up to this sale. When I first bought it I sent it straight to Detector Mods for all of the modifications available and so it has been vastly improved over and above what it was when I bought it. This detector with all its upgrades and accessories I will be selling for $1,800. Please contact me if you would like more information.

I will be selling this detector with the following accessories: -
* 1 Mono Interference Filter from Detector Mods
* 1 Single SD/GP Battery from Detector Mods with no charger
* 1 Double D Commander Standard Round Coil
* 1 Coiltek 'GoldStalker' 18 x 12 Mono Coil
* 1 Set of Cos 30 Headphones
* 1 Double D Shoulder Harness with Pick Holder and Pouch
* 1 Clip on Portable Speaker
* 1 Detaac Super Sound Signal Enhancer (This item may be faulty but I'll include it rather than throw it away)
* 1 Brand new Hand Cover Pad
* 1 Brand new elbow rest Pad
* Graphite shafts for extra extension and lightweight
* 1 VHS Instructional Video which can also be viewed at the following youtube page

Modifications & Upgrades by Detector Mods: -

1. Three timing positions to allow the detector to be optimised for various sized gold and a range of coils.

2. Three ground mineral timings to best suit the ground you are detecting.

3. A new variable front end gain allowing you to tune your machine to have the best performance possible regardless of conditions.

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Re: Fully Modded and Equipped SD2200D FOR SALE
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