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Ill put my bit in here ,
wet ground = less penetration and a lot more unevenness in balance so much so that deep multi oz nugget are invisible unless near the surface .

dry ground = Much smoother ground noises in some cases non existent in comparison to wet.

The problem is that the ground dries out very slowly and not evenly 

The biggest and most debilitating thing that we face is background noise comes and goes WTF is it?
Over the horizion radar? generators ? it was in a 5hour cycle last time I timed it and when it is quiet really can get depth most of the emphasis on going back to a patch is on getting at it when the atmospherics allow our detectors to work.  more gain=more noise .
I don't go along with the night thing except that you will break your bad habits a bit if you cant see as well ..and its happens to be quiet, but that is not related to night time specifically.

If any body has away of predicting the noise I'm all ears ..and more nuggets

thanks in advance
This noise thing makes detecting a waste of time in some situations ,

I hope this forum stays on the operational aspects as there is so much non operational stuff out there

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