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General Discussion / Wanting to upgrade my GP Extreme
« on: October 28, 2016, 01:20:22 pm »
Hi Woody,
Last time I talked with you was several years ago. I bought a GP Extreme, and now finally would like to have you install your upgrades.
I took a trip to northern California a while back and had my detector shipped out there. Everything was marked fragile and the control box itself was well padded, but unfortunately the handle on the unit was damaged. It was a Gold button for ground balancing from the handle.

I would like to have the unit upgraded, and was wondering if you could install a ground balancing handle, or perhaps make it so that I could use a handle with a switch/button on it for easier ground balancing.
If I had my choice, I'd have you install it.
I plan on buying a pelican case this time, and perhaps have it also in a box for shipping international.
Lastly, what would be the best payment option, would that be after you receive the unit and have a chance to look it over.
Your thoughts.
Best Regards,
Jud Wulff

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