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General Discussion / GP 3500 with carbon coils for sale
« on: March 28, 2014, 02:45:24 pm »
Hi to all,

I want to sell my Link Technologies upgraded GP 3500 (complete works done), the detector unit is in perfect condition almost like new from the box and comes with 11" and 18" and 35" carbon coils.
I'm asking AUD 5500,- but price is negotiable, If you are interested you can drop me line on
I can send pictures and talk about the sale.

Alexander (Rimbuman)

General Discussion / Carbon coils
« on: October 31, 2012, 03:21:21 pm »
Hi to all,

Anyone using Woody's Carbon coils? Are they so much better than other commercial coils?
How about the deep seeking capabilities of the larger ones "35 inch and up" with a modded detector?
Carbon coils are out there but I don't read much from the detectorists using them.


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