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Yesterday, I pushed the envelope a bit and went to the hills here in Oregon.  The snow had melted, but it had recently rained and the ground was super-saturated with water.  Although my Minelab 4500 was stable, the relatively deep signals were very weak, even on bullets.  Small pieces of trash on the surface gave a loud signal of course.  As a result, I had a short day and no nuggets.  We had found nuggets there last fall before being driven out by winter and the ground then was very dry and hard.  Minelab wasn't as stable then, but signals were strong on deep targets.  We think from our experiences, that very wet ground effects the signals detrimentally, some moisture and very dry ground can be squirrelly, but depth isn't effected much.    These are anecdotal I know, but we have all come to the same conclusions.  Is there a water/air threshold for the radio signals or is there something else at play here.

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