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HI to all members
« on: June 01, 2014, 01:17:05 pm »
HI ,,,,,to all members , I have just joined this interesting site ..

I Am a 74-Y/old tinkerer & just decided to get into metal detecting A bit late in life But What the hell ..

MY previous hobbies were Speedway racing -Dirt circuit etc etc ,,Electric Guitar & the building of effects & valve amps etc,etc..
I am a Mechanic& welder [my trade ] But now only a pensioner ..
I was always interested in M/Detecting ,But never got around to doing it ,Untill recently..

I started out by obtaining a pc board of a whites IDX ,& building that,then making a few Coils for it ,,,this wet my & perked my old Grey matter ..

I sold some of my music gear & bought a whites GMT 3-[so far only used in my back-yard ,..
But after reading some Metal detector forums Found-out that one really need a good PI machine
for the Gold-fields here in OZ ..
AFter looking at PETER,s [WOODY-POO's] videos realized ,
I there for should have bought a used SD2000 ,Sd 2200 [Hindsite-Bugga] anyway I found a few more dollars & managed to Buy a F1A4 & changed the coil socket,ear ph socket ,Altered the bottom of the stalk [Cut of the plastic adapter & fitted a section of an old fisher adapter ,by trimming the fibre-glass F1a4 stalk & slid 2'' of the fisher stalk into the modified F1A4 stalk & used resin to fix it in] this allows the use of any M/lab coil ..
My next project is to build a Mono coil for it,I have the wire coming ,any info ,or hints -help would be appreciated !!

I would like to improve the F1A4 ,but at present cannot afford to have the mods done,maybe later down the track ?????

OK thats ME a NEWBIE to this hobby I live 200ks Nth of Adelaide [Midnorth] about 8 hours from the Vic gold fields ,Hoping to take our old converted coaster,for a few weeks to try out the detectors in a few weeks..

I added  a couple pics ,,My untidy work bench where I do some tinkering..this is in my outside shed & its too cold to work there these frosty nights ,HA,Haar..

MY crude coil winding set-up.where I made some Coils for my H/built VLF IDX ..
I built a Coplaner type $ several DD types

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Re: HI to all members
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2014, 08:11:26 am »
G,day Barry , welcome hope you find some yellow stuff when in Vic