Author Topic: Do you want to use your GP or GPX near powerlines with a Mono coil? We have it.  (Read 17161 times)


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We all know what happens if you are using a GP Extreme 3000 3500 or GPX 4000 4500 4800 5000 detector near powerlines, the detector will go absolutely crazy and you will be forced to use a DD coil in cancel mode with a huge amount of depth and sensitivity loss. The latest set of upgrades that i have been working on solves most of the issues with power line noise, but in removing power line noise one would think that there is some sacrifice in depth and sensitivity.  This is not the case, the detectors are much more stabile and more sensitive, the detectors also ground balance better and target signals are enhanced at the same time.  We have identified much more of the older components that contribute to noise generation in the detector, we have replaced these noisy and detrimental components for newer ones that make the the performance utterly fantastic.

If you "Really" want the Worlds best detector then the newest upgrades are the way to go.   To give you an idea on how good the latest upgrades perform..  Using a GPX5000 with 10" X 5" Commander DD coil in any timing with factory default settings.  0.06 gram  Standard detector : Rub it on the coil to get some response.  After the Noise reduction and component changes : 5-6 cm    0.1 gram  Standard : 8-9 cm  Upgrades : 12-13 cm and this is not with the variable gain mod or frequency mod being fitted! 

These will be know as the 2016 upgrades.