Author Topic: Can a modded GPX beat the SDC2300 and GPZ7000?  (Read 44788 times)


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Re: Can a modded GPX beat the SDC2300 and GPZ7000?
« Reply #15 on: March 25, 2016, 07:27:02 pm »
Big g'day to everyone here, Joeboy here a newbie to this forum and looking forward to chewing the fat with ya all.
Bit of a background look, I live In Cairns Nth Qld born and bred. Been around prospecting as far back as I can remember. From me big bros to my great uncles, always been something special about getting out chasing the elusive yellow metal. I have a real keen interest in the new mods woody has developed, and it's looking very good for those us that don't want to spend bulk coin on a new Zed. I personally won't ever be buying a Zed due to its weight, having had shoulder surgery that wasn't very successful. I've owned two modded detectors a 2200 and a 3500 My first nugget found detecting was with a sd2200d fully modded by woody. At the time we had three 2200's my two bros and my self. So I know how much of a difference there was, from standard to modded. It was the stable threshold and overall quietness that  seperated these machines. This was some time ago and a lot has changed since then. Look forward to hearing the success story's from everyone here getting the best out of their newly modded machines, cheers.