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Contact Buddy who successfully uses 5000


I would like to connect with a GPX 5000 member/user who has had success with their fully modded machine in view to share/advice or help with their settings in our general areas of like Kingower, Inglewood, Talbot, Dunolly.
Appreciate the contact and thanks in advance, Childsy100 (Chris Childs)
Can email or hookup with phone if an option!

Hi Mate, Go to the top of the page click on manuals,Read the hole lot on all mods 2200, gp gpx there is a lot of imfo there, You must learn how to set soil timing and  Pick up depth with front end gain, I have bean years and still dont get it right.  Cheers.

Thank you for taking the time to reply however I have been through all the available literature, printed them off, followed them through. This is why I asked for contact with a successful GPX5000 operator who has the upgrade and out there and getting results and who might share there information to help me with a problem or two (few).
Surely there are members here who might contact me!


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