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Impressive results.   Where does one purchase a detact coil from here in the US and how do those coils compare to Nugget Finder?
 Woody, the one thing I have noticed with the GPZ 7000 vs a stock GPX 5000 is its ability to find small gold at depth.  A friend of mine has found almost 2 ounces of gold with his 7000 to another friends 5000’s 2dwt.  All in the same amount of time.  All of it in small gold at depth that it takes 15 or so pieces to add up to 2 to 2.5 dwt per outing.  I agree with you to a point when it comes to wasting time finding small gold but when that’s all that exists in a given area you go with what’s there. 
 Will your lastests mods that I’m considering having you do on my 5000 going to improve the small gold at depth?
  Thanks Woody,

Hi Wes,

I have no idea on who sells Detech in the US,

On the 7000 / 5000.  A part of the reason the 7000 gets more deeper small gold is the coil. You have to realise that the 7000 coil has three coils inside, the transmit coil is very small and puts a lot of concentrated energy straight down onto the small gold. If you do the side by side comparison with a 14” mono it is not fair, the correct way to do side by side is to use a 11” DD  or a 5”x 10” mono.  In the US as far as i know, the coil is not so hot and mineralised thus I cannot see why the 7000 would get more gold so it must be a coil winding size mismatch.

The 5000 can have its gain increased by a few component changes and changing the timing using the modified manual tuning can make the 5000 super sensitive to very tiny gold.

  I going to find out about the 5000 here in a few months cause I’m planning on sending mine your way.  I’m wondering if a similar coil could be designed for the GPX series machines.


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