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I have not read any other forums for maybe close to 24 months, but today i went and had a look at some of the forums as i was asked why i stated certain things on some other forums.

Some person /people or group are indicating that they are me and causing trouble, these people need to be made aware that if they continue to to cause trouble then it might be necessary to have the situation referred to a lawyer that specialises in bringing these people to account.  If you see any postings on other forums indicating that it is myself please ignore the content as i do not post on other forums except for Geotech, and maybe only 2 or 3 posts a year.

It is bad enough having my customers telling me what is told to them by detector dealers, you know the dealers that want you to buy a new detector and make them profits.

Things like, "Mods do not work"   Better tell the formula one teams to stop modding their vehicles...
                  "Mods void your warranty"   Saying this is in contravention of the trades practises act.. it is not true and not enforceable, this was tried on in regards to GMH trying to wiggle out of warranty obligations when new vehicles were modded by the Holden dealer team special vehicles business. Mods do not blow up a detector or cause any more stress on the electronics than if it was modded or not.

The public must understand the detecting industry, it is full of self serving nasty types of people, they will be a friend to your face and knife you in the back, 99% of prospectors are really nice people but there are some real nut jobs out there, some of the worst back stabbers are some of the detector dealers, they will say and do anything to stop you modding your detector and want you to buy a brand new detector, except that a modded older one can be many times better than anything that is new on the market.

The big companies "HATE" any form of upstart competition and use their financial clout to reduce competition or "ANYTHING" that can affect their profits, the industry is a "DRIP FEEDER" and by that i mean it is just a slight change between one model and the next, the functionality between detectors is much the same, you could look at it this way, a GPX5000 is just a modded SD2000, the base functionality is just the same. There are many ways to skin a cat and at the end of the day you have the same skinned cat.

As for warranty issues... I warranty my work for "5" years, fully transferrable.

And our mods beat the pants off a standard detector... and that is guaranteed.  The new mods that are about to be released even more so..

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Lol back in the day I had a 2 door Torana with a 'FULLY MODDED' 186 motor, and it use to smoke a lot of v8's.
Mods/alterations/upgrades... its relative to ALL industries, but because it's got to do with GOLD suddenly no one but the manufacturer has a clue about these detectors, and no one could possibly know how to make any improvements to provide better performance! lol wot a load of FBS!
FULLY MODDED GPX that can out detect the latest & greatest on depth, put that on video and see what they all
Have to say!


I had a genuine LC XU1 torana, made the mistake of driving to Bundaberg QLD, cops put a defect notice on it, 122 defects. I sold it for parts and caught the train back to Melbourne, i should of done a midnight runner back to Vic, wish i had it now, it would be worth a lot more than the $2500 i paid for it.

I am currently in Ballarat, i am arranging some suprises for the local prospectors.

The newest updates are easy on par with the SDC and very much the same as the GPZ but kill both the SDC and GPX on depth on respective Gold sizes on specific depths.  Do not take my word for it, watch my video testing on youtube.


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